Why Repair a Stator?

New Stators Are Not Readily Available For All Models

Why would anyone go through the hassle of getting a stator repair instead of just replacing it by a brand new one?  For starters, not every stator is available for sale.  When an OEM discontinues a particular vehicle model, very often they stop manufacturing the replacement parts for that model. That leaves you with two options: get rid of your vehicle or find a stator repair expert. If you want to keep your vehicle, you will need to do that stator repair.  Older machines and rare models in particular cause huge headaches when trying to find replacement stators.

Aftermarket Parts Issues

Have you had issues with an aftermarket stator in the past?  Getting a stator repair versus replacing it might be the best solution.  Keep in mind, not all aftermarket companies are bad. There are plenty of great manufacturers out there making brand new OEM quality stators that match or improve upon factory stators.

There Are Only Used or Refurbished Stators Available

Another good reason to repair your stator would be if only used stators are available for your particular model.  A quality stator repair by a qualified technician will make a used stator good as new.  With a stator repair, you know exactly what you’ve put your part through as opposed to buying a used one that has received who knows what kind of abuse.