What is a DVA Peak Volt Adaptor?

How Can a DVA Peak Volt Adaptor Help With a Stator Repair?

Without a DVA Peak Volt Adaptor, you will not be able to accurately diagnose your stator repair needs.  Small engines like those found in motorcycles and ATVs use permanent magnets to generate electricity.  This process creates electricity that travels in “peaks” which a standard multimeter cannot detect (see Figure 1).

A DVA Peak Volt Adaptor will recognize those “peaks” and enable the multimeter to understand them (see Figure 2) since a standard multimeter alone can only read average voltage.  By accurately reading your stator’s voltage, you will receive a better diagnosis of any potential problems and better understand if you require a stator repair.  Check out this video to see the DVA peak volt in action.


Fig. 1Fig. 2