How is a Stator Repaired

A thorough stator repair process should include all of these steps:

  • Test the defective stator upon reception.
  • Re-insulate the stator core with heat resistant epoxy.
  • Rewind the faulty coils with heat resistant wire while paying attention to any known problems.
  • Secure the wiring by soldering it.
  • Varnish the stator to ensure there is no possible short circuit.
  • Heat the varnish to strengthen it.
  • Test the repaired stator.
  • If the stator is repaired, return it to the client.


If a stator repair technician leaves out any of these steps, you may want to reconsider getting your stator repaired by that company. Continue your search; there are many quality stator repair companies that have a thorough stator repair processes like this one.